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Why Hypnosis?

In 1984, my mother saw a hypnotherapist weekly. I observed her transform from a woman who dated all the wrong guys, including my father, to a woman who felt better about herself than she had in years.

I won't go into detail about my life's challenges, but in 2019 I was down and depressed. One thing I was upset about was not seeing my granddaughter. My husband and I live in Utah. Our son and his little family lived near the East Coast. The distance broke my heart. I had always longed for a close family. Thoughts of visiting them looped in my mind constantly.

One day, I searched "positive self-talk." That's when I came across Marisa Peer on YouTube. She was and is still the UK's leading hypnotherapist. She taught about the power of the mind and how the mind believes what you tell it. It came down to perspective and attitude.

I loved how uplifting her videos were. I watched them every morning on my way to work. As I changed my thoughts to more positive thoughts it affected my attitude. After all, the definition of "attitude" is a combination of thoughts and actions.

The conscious mind thinks differently than the subconscious. The conscious mind is analytical while the subconscious mind is clear and simple. Hypnosis helped relax my nervous system so I could bypass my stubborn reasoning.

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